1st Quality Cleaners Ruined My Sweaters

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1st Quality has shrunk 3 of my expensive sweaters and refuses to do anything for me besides restretch them. The owner refused to apologize to me saying she did what I paid her to do. I wanted them cleaned, not shrunk!

The owner yelled at me, cussed me, surrounded herself with 3 of her employees, one of which told me she was going to "kick your a.. right out of our store!" The owner must have been contacted by either the Chamber of Commerce or the police that I notified b/c she later called back and told my husband her way of apologizing was to offer to restretch the sweaters. I do not want her touching my clothing again.

The worst sweater she shrunk down to a size 7 kids and my 40lb 6yr old cannot even get her tiny hand in the armhole, which ripped when I was showing my husband. It wreaks of dry cleaning fluid and was so saturated it is disintegrating!

The owner at first was going to refund the cleaning fees of $15, but now wants to keep my sweater and pay a 40% discounted rate of $23.99. She wants to keep the sweater, which she said can be "rewoven." I want my sweater back and the $ since she refuses to even pay the full amount.

Where has customer service gone? And who does she think she is treating her livelihood in such a disrespectful manner? And I think she needs to take down her framed Bible verses hanging in the foyer if she is going to cuss her customers.

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